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April 29, 2020 • Alberta • Alberta Express Entry Stream • 200 invitations issued to Express Entry candidates with scores as low as 322. April 29, 2020 • Ontario • Skilled Trades Stream • 190 invitations issued to eligible Express Entry candidates. May 13, 2020 • Ontario • Human Capital Priorities Stream • Tech Draw for 703 Express Entry candidates with specified tech work experience. CRS score range: 421 to 451. May 7, 2020 • Manitoba • Skilled Workers in Manitoba, International Education Stream, Skilled Workers Overseas • 123 Letters of Advice to Apply issued to Skilled Worker Overseas, Skilled Worker in Manitoba and International Education Stream candidates. April 30, 2020 • Ontario • French-Speaking Skilled Worker • 307 invitations to apply issued to Express Entry candidates.
Express Entry Eligibility

A seem at the Canada Express Entry Process time Period

We want skilled workers based on their skills and capability to contribute to Canada’s economy.

Express Entry manages applications for three economic immigration programs:
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Class

All of these programs utilize these terms to categorize eligibility criteria:
  • Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB):
  • Measurement of English and French ability in adults
  • 4 skill tests: writing, reading, listening and speaking
  • National Occupation Classification (NOC):
  • List of all occupations in Canadian labour market
  • Classifies jobs according to skill type and level
Minimum Eligibility Requirements: Federal Skilled Worker Federal Skilled Trades Canadian Experience Class
Language Skills – English or French – CLB 7 – English or French – CLB 5 for speaking & listening – CLB 4 for reading & writing – English or French – CLB 5 or 7 depending on occupation
Type of Work Experience (NOC) – Managerial (0) – Professional (A) – Technical & skilled trade (B) – Technical & skilled trade (B) – Managerial (0) – Professional (A) – Technical & skilled trade (B)
Location of Work Experience – Canadian or foreign experience – Canadian or foreign experience – Canadian experience
Years of Work Experience – 1 year continuous in last 10 years – 2 years in last 5 years – 1 year in last 3 years
Education – Secondary education – More points for post-secondary – Not required – More points for education – Not required
Job Offer – Not required – More points for job offer – Valid full-time job offer for at least 1 year in a skilled trade – OR, certification of qualification in a skilled trade issued by Canadian authority – Not required

Am I eligible for Express Entry?

To be eligible for Canada Express Entry, the basic standard is to score 67 points in Canada’s points based immigration selection system. These points are selected for parameters like age, education, work experience, English Language skills, flexibility factors etc. The lowest condition of each factor to qualify for a PR visa through Canada Express Entry system is as follows:

  • Age - below 40 years
  • Education - Bachelor’s degree or more.
  • Work Experience - 2 yrs of work experience
  • English Language Skills - proved by attempting IELTS estimation
  • A score of overall 67 points are calculate for the over factors plus partner skills.
  • Good health and good character - proved by submitting Medicals and PCC.

What Are The Issues and Reasons of Delay For Visa Application?

There are few lists of probable reasons that may source for the delays in PR application processing:-

Delays can possibly result from and contain:

  • Poor certification and arrangement
  • Misunderstanding or mistake of visa requirements
  • The require for an interview
  • Health issues(Bad Health)
  • Complications in the illegal or security status of the applicant or dependents.
  • Applicant’s difficulty in obtaining acceptable supporting documents
  • Additional supporting documents requests by the Visa immigration department
  • Application backlogs, staffing limits, identified priorities at Visa Office
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