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Anti Fraud Policy

Payments to Reliable Visas

When you make a payment to Reliable Visas, it is your right to demand a receipt for the same. Reliable Visas issues receipts for all payments made to the company. An acknowledgment of payments made to Reliable Visas is sent from our central software. If you have any questions regarding payments to Reliable Visas, please send an email to [email protected]

Payments to Reliable Visas staff:

You are cautioned against making any additional payments to any Reliable Visas employee. If any Reliable Visas staff members offer to fabricate your profile or get you any kind of document for an additional fee, we strongly advise that you inform the management for us to take suitable action against the employee. Please note: the company is not liable if you enter into any verbal or written agreement with a Reliable Visas employee or his/her reference. If you have paid for any additional service to any Reliable Visas employee, we are not responsible for the consequences.

Vendors referred by Reliable Visas staff:

We strongly discourage you from availing any service from vendors that may be suggested by any Reliable Visas employee as this is not endorsed or permitted by the company and you run the risk of fraud by indulging in the same. We are not responsible for any vendors who may have been referred by a Reliable Visas employee and we are not liable for any charges that you have paid to them.

Fraudulent Documentation:

Reliable Visas does not deal with cases where fraudulent documentation or information has been submitted. Your case will be accepted by Reliable Visas based on the information you have provided, which we assume is to be true. Reliable Visas is not liable if you have provided incorrect / misleading / fraudulent documentation or information.

Reliable Visas does not provide clients with any kind of documentation on its own and only works on documentation that has been provided by you. We assume that all that has been submitted to us is 100% true and correct.

Reliable Visas employees are strictly warned against illegal practices such as this and are required to adhere to Reliable Visas company policy. In the event of any employee going against company policy, Reliable Visas is not responsible or liable for the same as our policy is to accept cases where information provided is 100% true.

To avoid being duped and refused entry into foreign countries, you should bear in mind the following:

1. Do not be misled by dishonest Reliable Visas staff into believing that it is acceptable practice to submit forged documents with your visa application. The application will be refused and you may face further investigation from Indian authorities.

2. Do not believe Reliable Visas staffs who say that they can, in exchange for money or other favors, influence the processing speed of applications or the final decision. They cannot. Visa decisions are made only by visa officers authorized by the respective country.

3. Do not be fooled by imposters pretending to be visa officers from Embassies. Legitimate visa officers do not meet applicants outside their official place of work nor do they contact you to request for money.

4. Do not be fooled by fake websites designed to look like official government websites or like service delivery partner websites. Always get your visa information from official government websites.

5. Do not be duped by a job or visa scam. Many people are being cheated with overseas job offers that do not exist. Please deliberate your decision before you hand over your money, passport, and personal details. Note: If the job offer sounds too good to be true, it could be a scam.

6. Crooked staff often advises applicants to provide fake documentation or enter into any arrangements of convenience. Please don’t be fooled. Your investment will be lost. In addition, you will be caught and you may be denied entry to the country you have applied to. USA, UK, Australia & Canada welcome genuine visitors, students, and work immigrants. Immigration agencies in these countries will not tolerate any abuse to the immigration system and have a zero tolerance towards fraud. We strongly advise anyone who wants a visa for these countries not to listen to staff who offers to sell forged documents and say that they can guarantee a visa. Immigration Authorities have very effective methods for detecting fraud and work with international partners and Indian authorities also do follow the same. When they uncover fraud, including false education and language certificates, the visa will be refused and the applicant may face a ten-year visa ban as well as possible action by the Indian authorities.

Fraud is a criminal offense in USA, Australia, Canada and the UK, and can lead to severe penalties for those involved. But ultimately the responsibility for a visa application lies with the applicant. Providing fraudulent documents or misleading information can result in severe consequences not just for the staff but also the applicant. Applicants need to protect themselves from immigration fraud by being aware of the ways people may try to take advantage of them and their situation.

Reliable Visas Management strongly advises you against indulging in any kind of fraud or misrepresentation of your profile. Please be warned that submission of fraudulent documentation to a visa issuing authority will result in you being banned from the country for no less than 10 years.


Reliable Visas is a licensed recruitment agency in India and works with overseas employers and placement agencies who recruit candidates from Reliable Visas for a fee. Reliable Visas does not guarantee jobs or charge the candidate for the job. If a Reliable Visas employee attempts to do this, please contact us immediately.


Reliable Visas does not guarantee any candidate a job or a visa. No employee of Reliable Visas is permitted to do so. Visas are at the discretion of the visa officer and immigration department/embassy or consulate. Jobs are at the discretion of the employer only. No one can influence this decision and if an employee of Reliable Visas promises you the same, please contact us immediately.

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