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January 14, 2021 • Manitoba • Skilled Workers in Manitoba, International Education Stream, Skilled Workers Overseas • 272 Letters of Advice to Apply issued to Skilled Worker Overseas, Skilled Worker in Manitoba and International Education Stream candidates. January 13, 2021 • Ontario • Skilled Trades and French-Speaking Skilled Worker • 146 invitations to Express Entry candidates through the French-Speaking Skilled Workers stream and another 338 through the Skilled Trades stream. January 12, 2021 • British Columbia • Skills Immigration and Express Entry BC • 80 invitations issued to Skills Immigration and Express Entry BC candidates through the Tech Pilot. January 7, 2021 • Saskatchewan • Express Entry and Occupation In-Demand • 385 invitations issued to Express Entry and In-Demand Occupation candidates. January 5, 2021 • British Columbia • Skills Immigration and Express Entry BC • 168 invitations issued to Skills Immigration and Express Entry BC candidates.
Benefits of Canada Immigration Visa
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Canada Immigration benefits are a lot and they are certain to make a positive difference in the living values of any single or family. The benefits include having entrance to a safe and clean environment, a well-developed public carrying system, healthcare, education, and good working conditions. A few of the main benefits of Canadian Immigration are explained below:

Standard Of Living:

Benefits of Canada immigration include attractive one’s standard of living. In addition to individual ranked 9th in the United Nations value of life ranking in 2016, Canada has ranked 9th out of 200 countries in the United Nations annual Human Development Index. The HDI measures health, life expectancy, contact to education and standard of living. Out of 140 cities evaluated for the most habitable cities in the earth by The Economist Intelligence Unit; all cities in Canada were amongst the top five. But a high regular of living is just one of the many Canada immigration benefits that the immigrants obtain to enjoy.

Free Healthcare or Medical Benefits:

Canada offer totally free healthcare to all its nation and PR residents. This way that you will not need to expend any money to get world-class healthcare. This is one of the various reasons why Canada is better than even the US, where free healthcare is a isolated dream. If you are a Canadian citizen or a (PR) permanent resident, basic healthcare is totally free of cost! This is one of the most appreciated Canada immigration benefits among aspiring immigrants..

Employment Opportunities:

The Legated Global Prosperity Index (2016) has rank Canada 3rd out of 149 nations in company Environment. The Business Environment sub-index events a country’s industrial environment including its business transportation, barriers to innovation and effort market flexibility. This ranking indicates that there is huge employment opportunities existing in Canada for people from all walks of existence, which over is one of Canada immigration benefits.

Free Education

Canada offers free education up to graduation to all nation and Permanent Residents. This means that your children or family will get a huge start in life by enrolling in one of best education systems in the globe. You can keep all that money you would have or else spent on giving them excellence education and spend it in property or even help your children create a business. The options are infinite and it all depends upon you moving to Canada. A world of opportunities coupled with high standard of living awaits you in Canada.

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