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Canada Tourist & Visit Visa

Canada Tourist & Visit Visa

Canada Visitor visa is an certified documents or stamp attach on your passport that specify to Canadian establishment that you have met / content the permissible necessities to enter in to Canada as a visitor or tourist or student visa for little term purpose. The maple leaf country (Canada) is a charming place. Many travelers have this dream of explore this beautiful country. This wonderful country which is known for its beauty, civilization and charming locations is on the list of some travelers. For a person who wants to visit Canada as a tourist it is mandatory to know about the Canada tourist visa supplies and process.

What are the basic requirements and process of Canada tourist visa?

: You need to have an applicable passport which has not expired and any other travel document that the visa issuing authority may want

: One has to have a good health. In some cases the candidate may be asked to give a medical certificate from a skilled medical practioner.

: The candidate has to have a good quality character. In some cases the candidate may have to submit a moral certificate or a quality (character) certificate.

: The candidate will have to provide facts in order to encourage the immigration officer that he or she has strong reasons to come back to the home country. This could be details about property, assets etc

: The applicant has to be capable to show to the immigration officer that he or she will leave Canada by the ending of the tourist visa.

: The candidate should be able to show the immigration officer that he or she has enough funds to support himself or herself through the stay in Canada. This quantity will depend on factors like for how many days the candidate is likely to live in Canada, whether the candidate is visiting Canada with family etc.

How to apply for the Canada tourist visa?

Here are two methods by which one can apply for the Canada tourist visa:

Submission of application online:-

One can apply for the tourist visa or visitor visa online. The applicant needs to first read all the instructions on the official website. Fill the visa application form. Create the electronic copies of all the required documents and upload them. Pay the related tourist visa fees through online payment modes.

Submission of application in person:-

For this you will have to stay the local visa office with all the related papers.

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