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Express Entry Draw

A seem at the Canada Express Entry Process time Period

Express Entry is an online form management system which aims to guarantee faster processing and better financial outcomes for stable residence to Canada under federal and certain provincial programs.

Applicants who assemble the eligibility criteria will submit a profile in the Express Entry pool, known as an Expression of Interest.

The regular draws are conduct by CIC to invite trained and capable workers under various immigration programs. The majorly ITAs are given below FSWP with standard CRS score range 438- CRS 457. We require to wait and watch the Express Entry draws for the upcoming months. Minimum CRS score for express entry is certain on the basis of regular Express Entry draw conducted by CIC.

To improve the CRS score if valid, it is suggested to regularly update the profile and obtain additional points for a job offer, education obtained in Canada, enhanced language proficiency score, and partner assessment etc.

How to Improve Your CRS Score For Express Entry:-

There are many methods to increase Your CRS score in the Express entry pool. We at Reliable Visa assisted hundreds of Canada Immigration seekers in this circumstance. We understand where the applicant may be absent and find the best ways to increase the CRS score.

  • Improve Primary Applicant's First language scores or write alternative language test (CELPIP) (increase CRS score by up to 150 points).
  • Change the primary applicant
  • Improve your partner's first language scores (increase CRS score by up to 20 points)
  • Apply for PNP (increase CRS score by 600 points)
  • Learn English or French.
  • Gain further education or work experience under NOC 0/A/B skill level.

 DateNumber of invitations to apply issuedMinimum CRS points required
Draw 107 December 193,900439
Draw 106 December 123,900445
Draw 105 November 283,900445
Draw 104 November 143,900449
Draw 103 October 293,900442
Draw 102 October 153,900440
Draw 101 October 33,900445
Draw 100 (FSTC)September 24400284
Draw 99 September 193,500441
Draw 98 September 53,900440
Draw 97 August 223,750440
Draw 96 August 83,750440
Draw 95 July 253,750441
Draw 94 July 113,750442
Draw 93 June 253,750442
Draw 92 June 133,750451
Draw 91 (PNP)May 30200902
Draw 91 (FSTC)May 30500288
Draw 90May 233,500440
Draw 89May 93,500441
Draw 88April 253,500441
Draw 87April 113,500444
Draw 86March 263,000446
Draw 85March 143,000456
Draw 84February 213,000442
Draw 83February 73,000442
Draw 82January 242,750444
Draw 81January 102,750446
 Invitations to apply issuedNumber of invitations to apply issuedMinimum CRS points required
Draw 51January 42,902468
Draw 52January 113,334459
Draw 53January 253,508453
Draw 54February 83,664447
Draw 55February 223,611441
Draw 56March 13,884434
Draw 57March 243,749441
Draw 58April 53,753431
Draw 59April 123,923423
Draw 60April 193,665415
Draw 61May 43,796423
Draw 62May 173,687415
Draw 63 (PNP)May 26143775
Draw 64 (FSTC)May 26400199
Draw 65May 313,877413
Draw 66June 283,409449
Draw 67July 123,202440
Draw 68August 23,264441
Draw 69August 92,991433
Draw 70August 233,035434
Draw 71September 62,772435
Draw 72September 202,871433
Draw 73October 42,801438
Draw 74October 182,757436
Draw 75 (PNP)November 1290673
Draw 76 (FSTC)November 1505241
Draw 77November 82,000458
Draw 78November 152,750439
Draw 79December 62,750452
Draw 80December 202,750446
 Invitations to apply issuedNumber of invitations to apply issuedMinimum CRS points required
Draw 24January 61,463461
Draw 25January 131,518453
Draw 26January 271,468457
Draw 27February 101,505459
Draw 28February 241,484453
Draw 29March 91,013473
Draw 30March 231,014470
Draw 31April 6954470
Draw 32April 201,018468
Draw 33May 6799534
Draw 34May 18763484
Draw 35June 1762483
Draw 36June 15752488
Draw 37June 29773482
Draw 38July 13747482
Draw 39July 27755488
Draw 40August 10754490
Draw 41August 24750538
Draw 42September 71,000491
Draw 43September 211,288483
Draw 44October 121,518484
Draw 45October 191,804475
Draw 46November 22,080472
Draw 47November 162,427470
Draw 48 (PNP)November 30559786
Draw 49December 161,936497
Draw 50December 222,878475
 Invitations to apply issuedNumber of invitations to apply issuedMinimum CRS points required
Draw 1January 31779886
Draw 2February 7779818
Draw 3February 20849808
Draw 4February 271,187735
Draw 5March 201,620481
Draw 6March 271,637453
Draw 7April 10925469
Draw 8April 17715453
Draw 9May 221,361755
Draw 10June 121,501482
Draw 11June 271,575469
Draw 12July 101,516463
Draw 13July 171,581451
Draw 14August 71,402471
Draw 15August 211,523456
Draw 16September 81,517459
Draw 17September 181,545450
Draw 18October 21,530450
Draw 19October 231,502489
Draw 20November 131,506484
Draw 21November 271,559472
Draw 22December 41,451461
Draw 23December 181,503460
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