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Top 5 reasons for Canadan PR Refusal
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Every year, thousands of probable applicants have their Canadian permanent residence applications discarded. This leads to countless cases of disappointment and unnecessary stress for families who had their eyes set on relocating to Canada.

Canada is full of large opportunities for immigrants and skilled foreign nationals, but in order to get there, they first have to find the way immigration system and the many forms and actions that come with it. Below, we’ve put together seven reasons why your Canadian permanent resident application may be rejected.

1. Misrepresentation:-

The term ‘misrepresentation’ can be misleading, often implying a conscious attempt to disfigure or conceal information. However, misrepresentation can come down to something as simple as not understanding a question, forgetting to add certain information to a form, or misunderstanding the instructions that are complete with said form. Many cases of misrepresentation are completely avoidable. Most of the time, misinterpretation may show like a deliberate attempt on an applicant’s part to mislead the establishment or hide a positive piece of information.

2. A Missed Deadline:-

In order to accelerate the immigration process, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) often equipment deadlines for individuals to submit certain forms. However, missing just one of these deadlines could mean an application is denied. Because of this, it’s crucially important that you know how and when to get hold of certain documents, and the dates they need to be finished and submitted.

3. Non-eligibility:-

Canada at present has over 60 different immigration programs, and the eligibility factor change in each. These include factors such as your age, occupation, skill level, education, work experience, among others. It is crucial that you pay very close attention to the eligibility supplies for each of these programs to determine whether you are eligible before applying, otherwise it will be a waste of your time.

4. Failure to submit documents:-

Once you’ve applied for a permanent resident visa, CIC will give you with an extensive list of documents that will be required to complete your application. It is your liability to place and submit these documents to the right CIC office, along with the tracking number.

5. A Criminal Record:-

In order to make it through the application process, you must pass criminal background checks that include every country you’ve resided in for six months or longer, after the age of 18. This is meant to ensure immigrants are safe to enter the country and will not pose a health or safety risk for other Canadian residents.

6. Medical record:-

The Canadian governments insist that every PR applicant must submit a medical certificate or an acceptable medical report. This is to make sure that once they come to Canada; they do not cause a load on the healthcare system or pretense a threat to the Canadian public through any illness they may have.

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